Tower Climbing

Competent Tower Climber & Rescuer Certification    Tower Climbing, Safety & Rescue is an intensive three-day program offered in Spanish. This course provides tower climbers

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Competent Tower Rigger

  The Competent Tower Rigger Course covers detailed aspects of tower rigging operations in compliance with ANSI/ASSE A10.48-2016. The course also includes a Capstan Operator

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Maneuvering & Positioning

  WORKSHOP A well-needed workshop for today’s overloaded towers with hard-to-access working areas. Most tower climbing accidents are caused by workers who do not know

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Rope Access

  When gaining access to a workplace at heights presents a challenge, rope access is the fast, safe, versatile and efficient solution. Ascending and descending

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Zipline Tour Operator

  This is a must needed course for zip line operators, focusing on the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for a safe and confident performance

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