Rock Climbing Mini-Guide VIEJO BAYAMON


Surrounded by residential areas, a science and recreational park, shopping centers, high-traffic avenues, and even a cemetery, this crag is a hidden treasure—a small mogote (a karst haystack hill) with puzzling climbs known by rock climbers as “Viejo Bayamón.”

The fast-paced city down below is visually blocked by the vegetation, and although crowds are not far away, you will feel completely isolated. On the weekend, music from the park and sounds from rides and people cheering can usually be heard, sometimes making you feel like you are in a high-energy indoor climbing gym. If this does not bother you, and you like technical and powerful climbs, then Old Bayamón is definitely worth a visit.

The highest climb is a little over 50 feet. This can be a good thing —you will probably have enough fuel to get a few more onsite climbs under your belt— or a bad thing— the fun is over too quickly. Most climbs are short, vertical or slightly overhanging, on good limestone featuring pockets and crimps. Under clings, drop knees, and quickly reading the rock will likely be your best defenses against failing on your onsite ascends.

Authors: Rossano Boscarino – Edda Jiménez

Editor: Blanca Paniagua

Edition: June 2017