Multi-pitch Sport Climbing

There is something special about getting high… high on a rock climb, that is! However, to be able to fully enjoy this experience you need to be ready and confident. Entering into this vertical world with so many unknowns can be quite intimidating. The first step in building confidence is to acquire knowledge.

In this multi-pitch climbing workshop you will acquire a solid foundation on which to develop your knowledge and skills with time and practice. You will learn how to prepare for a multi-pitch climb—from how to read a climbing guide book, navigate the big crags, make quick smooth transitions at belay stations, assist your partner from above, multi-pitch rappel, and much more.

Eventually, you will have the determination to travel and explore new, uncertain heights, and have great stories to tell back home which will inspire others to enjoy life from a climber’s fantastic point view at the top of the mountain.

Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)

Class Size: 8 participants / 2 Instructors

Cost per participant: $200.00 (plus taxes)



  • At least one year of actual climbing experience.
  • Lead climb up to 5.9
  • Equipment:
    • Dynamic Rope
    • Harness
    • Helmet
    • Belay Device w/Carabiners
    • Quad or Cordellett w/3 Carabiners
    • Rappel Device w/Carabiner
    • Friction Accessory Cord Loop w/Carabiner
Curses-Rope & Rescue