About Us

Aventuras Tierra Adentro Inc. is a wholly Puerto Rican enterprise established in 1987 and quickly endorse and patronized by the Tourism Company as Puerto Rico’s pioneer company for various Adventure tours such as caving, canyoning, rock climbing, via ferratta and bridge swings. During 34 years of service thousands of people enjoy intense adventures top-off with our unique touch of entertainment.

As these outdoor activities became more popular on the island, a demand for knowledge arises and our school started to breed. Caving, our origin, required, a variety of techniques: rappelling, rope climbing, swift water and rescue. For about 10 years this was our specialty, providing classes or workshops for every area.

During a caving expedition, a small water fall emerging from an upper level was discover. Of course, it needed to be climbed. Curiosity of the unknown is the main motivator of cavers, so learning new skills like aid climbing was quickly done and the exploration continue. With these new tools, putting up rock climbing routes from the bottom up was now possible and immediately executed, sparking the birth of sport rock-climbing on the island. In a few more years many routes and crags were developed.

Canyoning found its way on the island also, mainly because of the first Canyoning adventure set up by us, and also the development of internet. The access to exiting videos from other parts of the world motivated thrill seekers islanders to enter this adrenaline outdoor sport. Sport activities do not require a watchful eye of government regulatory agencies, but as Aventuras developed a reputation to access hard-to-reach areas, our staff was hired for multiple vertical jobs like installation and /or removal of safety nets, lights, signs safety cables, creation of anchors for construction workers, ad others. Aventuras entering a new world of the hight industry, overloaded by standards, regulations and government agencies, was destined for a transformation.

Rope & Rescue School

In 1998 a division of Aventuras was founded under the name of Rope & Rescue School, dedicated 100% to teaching and providing courses based on modern rope and rescue principles, in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), applying or exceeding the American National Standard Institute (ANSI), the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) and the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). Our main customers are professional workers at heights, which are required to be certified (proof of knowledge) complying in this way with OSHA 1926.503(a)(1).

Caving & Canyoning Adventures

Sadly, all things come to an end. After being super focused (for more than three decades) on keeping people alive and well during long days of caving and canyoning adventures, it was time to call it quits and begin a new future pack with the wonderful challenges and possibility that life offers.

If you’re wondering about a particular reason for this decision, you will be left wondering. Not even a long list of reasonable motives can explain why! As philosopher Meister Exkhart once said, ” And suddenly you just now it’s time to start something new and trust and magic of beginnings”.

When I think of this epiphany, it reminds me of a scene of the 1994 American drama film Forrest Gump, the moment when he suddenly decides he’s grown tired of running and simply stops in the middle of a run and quits running for good. I believe that the spark of insight might have been the realization that time is not a renewable and that it’s consumption speed up as it starts to run out.

Now, don’t jump to dramatic conclusions! No one is dying or sick. I’m just in need of new, soul-fulfilling projects. I would like to thank every single person who participated in our Caving Adventure, as well as all the awesome staff that came and went during 34 years of hard, exciting, and fun work.

Our Aventuras’ store and Rope & Rescue School will keep operating as usual, and with soon more time available, new classes and services will be provided.

Rossano Boscarino
President & Lead Guide